Airport Fence – Chain Link Fence, 358 Mesh Fence & Welded Mesh Fence

Airport fence — also known as airport fencing — is widely used as a physical deterrent to prevent and impede unauthorized persons from accessing nonpublic areas of airports. 

These barriers are generally permanent in nature and are strategically designed to be both a conspicuous visual deterrent and a vigorous physical obstacle. What’s more, these fences fulfill rudimentary safety necessities in various scenarios. 

Our customers can benefit from three prominent types of security fencing options: 

Combining Wire Mesh Fence with Razor Barbed Wire

Maximize site security and encourage safety through various fence types with cut/climb resistance and a structured and visually deterrent approach.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is considered the most inexpensive and convenient physical barrier for securing the airside. It demands negligible upkeep, presents transparent visibility for security patrols, and comes in varied options that can be installed in almost any setting. The addition of barbed wire, razor wire, and other toppings can heighten the difficulty of intrusion.

Curvy Wire Mesh Fence

The curvy wire mesh fence panels represent a form of welded mesh fencing with a potent configuration and prolonged life cycle. They’re known as an alternative to chain link fences. 

These fences come with curves that empower anti-climb capabilities and boost the fence’s aesthetic charm. Often, the curvy wire mesh fence is paired with barbed wires and razor wires to amplify intrusion difficulty.

358 High Security Fence

This fence is identified as the top-tier security solution for airports. Its incredibly thick wires and significantly narrow mesh openings make it resistant to cutting and climbing endeavors.

Despite being pricier than alternative airport fencing options, its elevated security grade justifies the investment. To boost its security even more and make intrusion more difficult, the combination of barbed wire, razor wire, wall spikes, and other toppings is possible.


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