Canada Temporary Fence


Canada Temporary Fence

Durable Defense: Exploring Canada Temporary Fence

Canada temporary fence is a widely used temporary fence in the Canadian and North American markets. It’s crafted using welded wire mesh and square pipes, with a flat fence base that maximizes its equilibrium. 

This fence is designed in a hardy and long-lasting procedure. It’s commonly employed in infrastructure, civil, industrial, commercial sites, demolition sites, construction sites, accident scenes, and major public events. Its countless uses comprise storage, public safety, crowd management, and theft deterrence.


A (height) × B (width):6 ft × 9 ft, 6 ft × 9.5 ft, 6 ft × 10 ft.

C: Wire Diameter:3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 3.8 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, etc.

D: Mesh Opening:50 mm × 100 mm, 50 mm × 150 mm, 50 × 200 mm, 75 mm × 100 mm, 75 mm × 150 mm

E: Frame:Outside Frame: 25 × 25 mm, 30 × 30 mm
Middle Frame: 20 × 20 mm, 25 × 25 mm
Frame Thickness: 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/2.0/2.5 mm

F: Clamp:metal clip

G: Base:563 mm × 89 mm × 7 mm, 863 mm × 89 mm × 8 mm, etc.


  • The fence comes with galvanized and powder-coated treatment.
  • All colors are offered in Ral. 
  • Additional materials and specifications can be requested. 

Components & Accessories

The essential components of Canada temporary fence are welded fence panels, top clip, and fence base, as depicted below.

Clamp bar connection

Metal clamp connection

J bolt connection

Optional Accessories

Square clamp connection


  • Smooth and Elegant Design: The fence’s surface is treated properly for safe installation/removal and a delicate appearance.
  • Advanced Welding Technology: The fence uses both full welding and hand welding techniques to construct a mighty structure, prolong service life, and prevent breakage.
  • Portability with Detachable Base: A lightweight building and a detachable base make the fence easily maneuverable, which eases the handling and transportation procedures. 
  • Sturdy Base Support: Platy fence feet come with the fence to guarantee its stable foundation and make it stand securely on the ground.
  • Effortless Installation and Removal: The single-person assembly and disassembly of the fence can be accomplished without digging holes, which saves great time and labor.
  • Cost-Effective: The fence can be installed/removed multiple times for numerous applications, which proves its cost-effectiveness.
  • Color Variety: A wide spectrum of colors is available to meet your distinctive aesthetic desires and tendencies.


Canada temporary fence for parking lots

Canada temporary fence for construction sites

Canada temporary fence for tree protectio

Canada temporary fence for industrial sites


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