Residential Fence – Chain Link Fence, Welded Fence & Steel Fence

Residential fence — or residential fencing — is widely employed as a security measure in residential communities to safeguard against unauthorized access and guarantee the protection of community residents and their properties. Beyond security, these fences are developed with an alluring formation and superior visibility that reflect their aesthetic enticement and enhance their natural surveillance. 

Our customers will be able to acquire four essential types of residential fences based on their needs:

Chain Link Fence, Welded Wire Fence & Steel Fence

These fences collectively protect the safety of community residents and properties. The tempting formation and exquisite character of these fences add a unique layer of charm to your residential area. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are broadly recognized as a preferred choice for residential communities because of their forthright installation and minimal upkeep fees. The open-weaving method of these fences guarantees that sunlight and sceneries beyond the fence remain intact. 

Galvanized and PVC-coated surface treatments for chain link fences enhance their corrosion and rust resistance and empower them to resist challenging environments. Plus, the simplicity and swiftness of installation of these fences save you a great amount of time and labor costs. 

Curvy Welded Fence

This specially designed welded wire mesh presents V-shaped bending curves along its length. The curved panel improves anti-climb performance and increases the fence’s stunning aesthetic.

The fence comes with a mighty formation and can work for many years. It’s employed as an effective deterrent against unauthorized access and shields residential areas from potential theft and vandalism.

BRC Fence

BRC fence — commonly referred to as a roll-top fence — is a specially framed welded wire mesh fence that comes with distinctive top and bottom rolled edges. 

These rolled edges provide a user-friendly surface and notably maximize rigidity and visibility. The fence is widely employed in residential communities to effectively thwart unauthorized access and improve security against theft and vandalism.

Steel Fence

This ornamental fence comes with a simple tubular skeleton with high defense capacities. Its mighty strength makes it an incredible preference for diverse security purposes. Also, the powder-coating surface of this fence confirms adaptability to various surroundings. 

With multiple top types available, residential communities can pick the design that perfectly fits their character. These fences can thwart unauthorized access and improve the security of residential areas against theft and vandalism.


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