School Fence – Welded Wire Fence, Chain Link Fence & Steel Fence

Maximized security on school premises is vital to preventing unauthorized intrusions, which is known as a considerable threat. A strategic solution in this regard is to replace solid walls with a security fence to strengthen campus safety.

School fence — or school fencing — is specifically designed for school premises and is employed as a shielding barrier to strengthen campus security and at the same time, enhance aesthetically comforting environments for students and faculty. 

This type of fence optimizes natural surveillance and simplifies sufficient monitoring of school grounds in addition to regulating the flow of students entering and exiting the campus. Plus, it assists in determining exclusive and non-exclusive zones and promoting efficient access control measures.

For school applications, we offer four security fences:

Wire Mesh Fence & Steel Fence

These fences are managed to boost campus security and simultaneously enhance aesthetically pleasing environments for students and faculty.

Curvy Welded Fence

This specially designed welded wire mesh presents V-shaped bending curves along its length. The curved panel improves anti-climb performance and increases the fence’s stunning aesthetic.

The fence can appropriately thwart unauthorized access to the school, prevent students from leaving the campus without permission, and preserve their safety. Besides, it’s used to guard school facilities and prevent damage to school property. 

Double Wire Fence

Distinguished by double horizontal wires welded to a single vertical wire, this welded wire fence comes with a distinctive network that improves solidity and durability compared to single-wire fences. It delivers a safer space for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Also, the fence provides vigorous protection for school facilities — a vital element for any educational institution.

Chain Link Fence

Widely known for its exquisite diamond patterns, low maintenance costs, and transparent visibility, the chain link fence is a prevalent security choice for schools. It precisely clarifies boundaries between exclusive and non-exclusive zones to enable effective access control and enhance overall security measures.

Steel Fence

This ornamental fence comes with a simple tubular skeleton with high defense capacities. Its mighty strength makes it an incredible preference for diverse security purposes. Also, the powder-coating surface of this fence confirms adaptability to various surroundings. 

With multiple top types available, schools can pick the design that perfectly fits their image and creates an environment where students can feel secure and relaxed.


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