Quality Control

Huade owns an in-house quality control division and comprehensive testing establishment to guarantee adherence to international standards for every batch of its manufactured protective fences.

After-sales Service

  • Huade’s Focus on Customers: The company positions customer happiness at the forefront of its operations. Beyond sales, our reliable after-sales service team evaluates all the needs of customers effectively in a flash. 
  • Huade’s Technical Support: We present proficient technical guidance and support services to assure the flawless installation and maintenance of our fence solutions, resulting in maximized effectiveness and life cycle. 
  • Huade’s Warranty: The company stands firmly and confidently behind its products as it presents long-term warranty services to provide customers with peace of mind in their investments and usage.


Q: What is a protective fence, and why is it important?

A: A protective fence is a barrier designed to safeguard personnel, property, or assets from possible threats, accidents, or intrusions. Its prominence is observable as it prevents unauthorized entrance, improves security, and strengthens the safety and integrity of the protected region.

Q: What varieties of protective fences exist?

A: Protective fencing is barriers or enclosures installed to safeguard people, property, or assets. It’s prominent as it prevents unauthorized entrance, improves security, and strengthens the security of areas against possible menaces, accidents, or intrusions.

Q: How should I select the right protective fence for my needs?

A: Take into account aspects like intended usage, desired safety standards, local regulations, and aesthetic tendencies. Seek guidance from fencing specialists who can evaluate your demands and suggest the most appropriate fencing option.

Q: Can protective fences be personalized to suit unique project demands?

A: Indeed, countless providers propose customized protective fencing solutions. This allows you to select materials, heights, colors, and additional safety features as per your specific requirements.

Q: What maintenance is needed for protective fences?

A: Maintenance needs differ according to the fence type. In general, regular inspections, cleaning, and upkeep are vital to maintaining the fence's functionality and visual charm.