Prison Fence – Chain Link Fence, 358 Mesh Fence & Welded Mesh Fence

The prison fence — also referred to as prison fencing — is a fortified barrier positioned along prison perimeters where the utmost security measures are needed. It’s a dual-purpose fence that thwarts escape attempts from inside the prison and also prevents external endeavors to assist criminals in escaping. 

That’s why a prison fence needs to be sturdy, mighty, and of sufficient height. What’s more, the fence is frequently combined with electric fences, razor wire, barbed wire, and concertina wire toppings to impede climbing attempts to a significant extent.

We deliver three crucial forms of security fences for prisons: 

Wire Mesh Fence & Razor/Barbed Wire Combination

This configuration is often employed alongside razor wire or barbed wire to confirm maximum security and prevent both internal escape attempts and external endeavors to assist criminals in escaping.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a preferred security solution for prison premises that demand high-security efforts. It’s usually paired with an electric fence, barbed wire, razor wire, and various other toppings and bottoms as an intimidating deterrent that discourages and prevents criminal escape attempts. 

In general, prison chain link fences are assembled with a height of at least 2 meters to make it as difficult as possible for prisoners to climb and escape. 

358 High Security Fence

This fence is identified as the top-tier security solution as it comes with significantly narrow mesh openings — tough even for a finger to pass through — that makes it resistant to cutting and climbing endeavors.

The fence has been designed to serve as a vigorous, anti-climb, and anti-cut barrier. It provides heightened security protection. It’s usually merged with barbed wire, razor wire, wall spikes, and other toppings to make it extremely difficult for prisoners to climb/escape and defend the prison from exterior attacks. 

Curvy Wire Mesh Fence

This high-quality welded mesh fence comes with welded junctions between horizontal and vertical wires. It features an adorable build, sturdy layout, and tremendous visibility, hence becoming a popular fence in any prison. 

The fence can be positioned either on the ground or on the wall, merged with barbed wire, razor wire, and other toppings and bottoms, to thwart climbing and escaping attempts flawlessly. 


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