Welded Wire Fence

Welded mesh fences are powerful, corrosion-resistant, and universal barriers made by welding metal wires at intersections. They’re widely used in distinct applications such as residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

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Welded Wire Fence Specification

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What Are Welded Wire Fences Used for?

Advantages of Welded Wire Fence​


Immunity against extreme weather conditions, UV radiation, and physical stress leads to negligible maintenance and a long life cycle.


Welded joints form a potent barrier to make it roughly impossible for intruders to breach the fence.


The fence is offered in distinctive heights, styles, and mesh sizes for a wide spectrum of applications like residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural pursuits.


The fence is vividly visible from the other side for surveillance and monitoring.


It can be personalized for distinguishing needs as myriad choices are available in wire gauge, mesh size, height, and color for aesthetic intentions and security necessities.

Effortless Installation

The fence comes with straightforward installation — especially for professionals — with portable panels and efficient welded connections.

Minimal Maintenance

It requires negligible maintenance with infrequent cleaning/inspections that are adequate to preserve the fence in acceptable circumstances.


The fence is rather cost-effective compared to other fencing types when you evaluate its lengthy lifespan and insignificant maintenance needs.

Environmental Friendliness

It's made from eco-friendly, recycled materials to sweeten more pleasing airflow and lower soil erosion compared to solid privacy fences.

FAQs for Welded Wire Fence​

What are the most widespread uses of welded wire fences?

Welded wire fences are used for myriad purposes, including residential yard fencing, garden enclosures, security perimeters, animal pens, and agricultural applications.

What are the benefits of welded wire fences?

The benefits of welded wire fences comprise maximized durability, effortless installation, low maintenance, vivid visibility, and affordability.

How are welded wire fences installed?

These fences are commonly installed by attaching mesh panels to posts made of wood, metal, or other materials. Panels are tied to posts using screws, clips, or ties.

What maintenance tasks are needed for welded wire fences?

Maintenance tasks comprise sporadic inspections for damage/rust and replacement or repair of harmed sections if necessary. Frequent cleaning might also be necessary to extract dirt/debris.

Can welded wire fences be used to enclose pets or livestock?

Yes, these fences are widely used to construct enclosures for pets such as dogs, or to contain livestock such as chickens, rabbits, or goats.

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