Industrial Fence – Chain Link Fence, Welded Fence & 358 Security Fence

An industrial fence — also referred to as industrial fencing — is a security barrier within industrial zones that guards buildings and assets from likely damage and theft during unattended periods such as nights or weekends. 

This fencing system also notably delineates exclusive and non-exclusive zones, manages public access appropriately, and guarantees the overall security of various industrial regions.

We deliver three high-security fence models for industrial zones: 

Wire Mesh Fence & Razor/Barbed Wire Combination

This combination improves visual deterrence against theft and provides enhanced security protection for industrial properties.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a privileged security solution for industrial plants as it offers low maintenance costs and optimal visibility. It can be enriched with barbed wire and razor wire toppings to upgrade its security level. 

The fence is broadly employed in various industrial zones such as workshops, office buildings, and warehouses. It guarantees efficient access control and defends the security of these industrial regions.

Curvy Welded Fence

This specially designed welded wire mesh presents V-shaped bending curves along its length. The curved panel improves anti-climb performance and increases the fence’s stunning aesthetic.

The fence proficiently prevents unauthorized people from moving into factories or hazardous zones within workshops. It also guarantees the safety of workers and protects industrial establishments against potential damage and theft.

358 High Security Fence

This fence is identified as the top-tier security solution as it comes with significantly narrow mesh openings — tough even for a finger to pass through — that makes it resistant to cutting and climbing endeavors. Generally, 358 fences are used where high security is of critical importance. 


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