Military Fence – Chain Link Fence, 358 Mesh Fence & Welded Mesh Fence

A military fence — also referred to as a military base fence — is a tough physical barrier surrounding military bases. It delivers the highest level of security to prevent unauthorized entrance. 

The protection of military bases is paramount for national security. That’s why they demand sturdy, powerful, and long-lasting fencing to secure checkpoints and protect troops and operations. Since the sizes and security requirements of military bases vary, the need for diverse security fences and entry inspections varies too. 

It’s needless to say that military fences are commonly employed to protect military facilities. These fences are generally combined with electric fences, barbed wires, razor wires, and other toppings to prevent intruders from trespassing.

We generally supply three critical forms of security fences for military purposes:

Wire Mesh Fence & Razor/Barbed Wire Combination

This combination is a standard security action used to strengthen military bases and make sure they benefit from the highest level of security to protect the base and defend national borders.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is one of the most favorable security fences in various military missions. It comes with low maintenance, remarkable corrosion resistance, and adaptability to various environments with diverse settings. 

Commonly, chain link fences that enclose barracks, guard towers, and patrol dog areas need to be of substantial height and include elements like barbed wire, razor wire, and other deterrents to discourage climbing efforts and appropriately deter intruders.

Curvy Wire Mesh Fence

This high-quality welded mesh fence comes with welded junctions between horizontal and vertical wires. It features an adorable build, sturdy layout, and tremendous visibility, hence becoming a popular fence in military bases.

The fence can be positioned either on the ground or on the wall to thwart climbing and escaping efforts. The PVC-coated surface of the fence improves its strength against harsh climates and corrosive environments. It’s widely employed with barbed wire, razor wire, and other toppings to prevent intruders from trespassing.

358 High Security Fence

This fence is identified as the top-tier security solution as it comes with significantly narrow mesh openings — tough even for a finger to pass through — that makes it resistant to cutting and climbing endeavors.

The fence has been designed to serve as a vigorous, anti-climb, and anti-cut barrier. It provides heightened security protection. Also, soldiers can maintain surveillance of the surrounding area through the mesh openings. 

The fence is often blended with barbed wire, razor wire, wall spikes, and other deterrents to upgrade its resistance to intrusion, counter smuggling activities, and reinforce defense against external attacks.


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