15 Best Field Fence Brands in the World: Enclosing Livestock and Securing Your Land

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Field fences are known as the spine of rural property management. They’re integral structures that are employed for myriad purposes, including containing livestock, shielding crops, and defining boundaries. That said, it’s critical to find out who are the best field fence manufacturers in the world before you decide to purchase one. 

A top-notch field fence comes with a set of qualities such as durability to handle animal pressure, proper height for animal containment, tightly spaced wires to prevent escapes, mighty posts for structural harmony, and more. All the benefits of these fences make them an indispensable addition for any farmer or rancher.

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What is the Best Field Fence?

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A field fence—also known as a farm fence or agricultural fence—is a type of fencing system that’s broadly employed to encircle livestock, shield crops, or define the boundaries of a property in rural areas. It’s usually made from wire and comprises horizontal strands woven through vertical wires, thereby crafting a grid pattern. 

Field fences are engineered to come with several critical features and characteristics, including: 

  • Durability: Top-quality materials such as galvanized steel to resist rust and corrosion
  • High Strength: Resistant to the high pressure exerted by animals and external forces 
  • Proper Height: Sufficient height to contain animals properly
  • Tight Spacing: Tightly spaced horizontal wires to prevent animals from squeezing
  • Sturdy Posts: Mighty corner and gate posts to support the structure of the fence
  • Weather Resistance: Powerful resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Predator Deterrent: Efficient deterrence of predators from accessing enclosed areas
  • Easy Installation: Effortless to install and maintain, hence saving a lot of time and effort
  • Longevity: Protecting agricultural operations for many years
  • Compatibility: Ability to fit diverse terrains and agricultural needs with ease

Top 15 Brands of Field Fences

You may come across a broad variety of field fence manufacturers in the market. Some are specifically crafting fencing solutions, while others may create diverse agricultural solutions. Let’s know more about the 15 top brands active in this field.

Huade was established in 1993 as a premium manufacturer of field fences and countless other fencing systems. It’s globally recognized for its deep commitment to innovative offerings and elevated quality. The company is sprawling in Anping County, China, and employs state-of-the-art equipment to minimize waste and maximize production efficiency. 

The two shining field fence models that Huade offers are: 

  • Hinge Knot Field Fence: This field fence is distinguished by its smooth surface and enduring construction. It’s a budget-friendly fence option for agricultural security. Also, it comes with vertical stay wires wrapped around line wires at intersections, thereby delivering heightened flexibility and strength. 
  • Fixed Knot Deer Fence: This model is armed with a woven wire mesh design with high-strength carbon steel wire. It’s an ideal choice that shields livestock in wild areas. The solid lock structure of this fence enables it to offer a lengthened lifespan with negligible maintenance. This makes it a popular choice for farms and prairies worldwide.

2. Red Brand

Red Brand is a supreme manufacturer of field fences that’s been operating in this realm since 1889. It’s broadly recognized for high-quality, long-lasting fencing solutions, which has made it a dependable name among farmers and ranchers. 

One of the company’s best products is the Red Brand Square Deal Field Fence. It comes with a sturdy woven wire design that enables it to prevent sagging and handle animal pressure. The fence uses Class 1 galvanized steel, which is wonderful for resisting rust and offering a long lifespan.

3. Behlen Country

Behlen Country is another top field fence brand that’s known for superior agricultural products. It was founded in 1936 and presents mighty fencing options based on diverse livestock needs. 

The company’s 330-ft Galvanized Wire Field Fence is a notable fence that features sturdy, zinc-coated wire to resist rust. It’s equipped with a flexible hinge-joint knot that helps it adjust to terrain variations and at the same time, maintain its form factor.

4. Bekaert

Bekaert—founded in 1880—is a Belgian global leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. It presents a broad variety of top-notch fencing products with the utmost durability. 

The Bekaert Gaucho High-Tensile Field Fence is one of the company’s most durable fences that comes with Class 3 galvanized wire. It features a fixed knot design that empowers it to deliver elevated strength and prevent displacement.

5. Tornado Wire

For over 50 years, Tornado Wire has been a recognized name in high-quality fencing solutions. The company clearly understands the certain needs of agricultural, equestrian, and forestry applications.

The Tornado Titan is a considerable product of the company that’s made from weather-resistant galvanized steel. It uses a powerful fixed-knot design for heightened durability and high-tensile wire to minimize the need for intermediate posts. Also, it resists stretching and demands negligible maintenance.

6. Oklahoma Steel & Wire

Oklahoma Steel & Wire is a family business founded over a century ago. It’s today known as a leading brand in American fence manufacturing. Its OK Brand fencing is widely recognized across the nation for its maximum durability. 

The Max-Tight field fence of the company employs a unique forged square knot design to deliver outstanding tension and minimize sagging. It’s made from high-grade steel with a zinc coating so it can handle diverse terrains with flexibility.

7. Stay-Tuff Fence

Stay-Tuff Fence is a well-known manufacturer in the agricultural fencing industry. It boasts a rich history of crafting high-tensile and low-carbon fences specifically engineered for farms and ranches. 

The company’s Cattle-Tuff fence is a galvanized steel fence that’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional options. It’s armed with thick gauge wire and hinge-joint knot design that together enable it to be installed in a breeze and offer the utmost strength.

8. Gallagher

Gallagher has been a giant in electric fencing since the early 1900s, originating in New Zealand. It’s turned into a top manufacturer of quality fencing solutions for agriculture. 

The Gallagher AXL Aluminum Wire Fence is one of the company’s top-rated field fences that comes with remarkable conductivity thanks to its aluminum build, which makes it a great choice for use with electric fence energizers. The fence is also effortless to install, resists rust, and is so visible due to its bright finish.

8. Gallagher

Gallagher has been a giant in electric fencing since the early 1900s, originating in New Zealand. It’s turned into a top manufacturer of quality fencing solutions for agriculture. 

The Gallagher AXL Aluminum Wire Fence is one of the company’s top-rated field fences that comes with remarkable conductivity thanks to its aluminum build, which makes it a great choice for use with electric fence energizers. The fence is also effortless to install, resists rust, and is so visible due to its bright finish.

9. McGregor Fence

For over 20 years, McGregor Fence has been a big player in the deer fence industry. In addition to deer fencing—which is a type of field fence—the company handles a broader set of agricultural fencing needs. 

The McGregor High-Tensile Field Fence is a popular fence made from galvanized steel for weather resistance. It employs a hinge-joint knot to heighten flexibility and lower maintenance. Also, it features thick, durable gauge wire, in addition to graduated spacing for small animal deterrence.

10. Farmgard

Farmgard is a recognized manufacturer within the agricultural fencing industry. It focuses on delivering dependable and economical fencing solutions for farms and ranches.

The Farmgard Class 1 Galvanized Steel Field Fence is a notable fence that’s crafted from weather-resistant galvanized steel and uses a hinge-joint knot for flexibility under pressure. Also, it features thick gauge wire and graduated spacing so small animals can’t enter it.

11. Deer Busters

For over 35 years, Deer Busters has been a distinguished brand in DIY field fences for homes, farms, and even wildlife conservation areas. It presents distinctive materials to suit unique needs, with a big focus on easy installation. 

The Trident Max Strength Extruded Deer Fence is a popular fence constructed from plastic with a reinforced bottom edge. It’s specifically designed to deter persistent animals from digging under. The fence’s virtually invisible black mesh is UV-stabilized and requires negligible maintenance.

12. Tenax

Established in Italy in 1968, Tenax has converted into a global name in fencing solutions. It offers a broad collection of products, but it specializes in manufacturing top-quality temporary fencing. 

The Tenax C-Flex P Premium Deer Utility Fence is one of the company’s greatest fences that’s ideal for areas with high deer traffic. It’s made from mighty UV-resistant C-Flex P material. Also, it comes with a lightweight design and invisibility in shaded areas.

13. Zareba

Zareba is a North American leader in electric fencing with a rich history that dates back to the 1940s. It originally focused on electric fence controllers, but is now known as a comprehensive fence provider. 

The Zareba Vari-Mesh Field Fence is a noteworthy fence that comes with high-tensile steel wire and flexible vertical mesh panels. It’s a durable fence with minimized sagging and maintained clear visibility for livestock management.

14. Powerfields

For over 25 years, Powerfields has been a dependable name in farm and ranch fencing. It designs, manufactures, and distributes a broad set of fencing solutions.

The Powerfields Premium Polytape is a trusted fence that’s made from strong, UV-resistant plastic. It’s an amazing choice for temporary fencing or creating rotational grazing paddocks. Also, it delivers heightened visibility for both animals and humans and comes with effortless installation.

15. Agri-Supply

Agri-Supply is a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience. It’s a manufacturer and also a distributor of agricultural equipment and supplies, with a deep focus on delivering diverse products for farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders. 

The Deacero Range Master Class 1 Field Fence is a noteworthy fence of the company. It’s a galvanized steel fence with maximized durability and features such as a hinge-joint knot, graduated mesh, cost-effectiveness, and dependability for diverse agricultural fencing applications.

Final Words

With a multitude of field fence brands available in the market, this guide has armed you with a list of the perfect brands you need to recognize before you make a purchase. Products from these brands handle the needs of any farmer, rancher, or homeowner. 

Field fences from industry leaders such as Huade, Red Brand, and others on this list can certainly secure your land and guarantee the well-being of your livestock. Just remember that you need to consider factors such as terrain, animal size, and budget before finalizing your selection.

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