The 15 Best Steel Fence Brands in 2024

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You might be perplexed when deciding on where to purchase your ornamental fence due to the abundance of different steel fence brands on the market. To simplify this decision-making process, we’ve crafted a comprehensive list of the top 15 steel fence brands in the world for 2024. 

Each of these recognized steel fence brands presents unprecedented quality and functionality for perimeter security purposes. You might be amazed by Huade’s products with its three decades of excellence, fall in love with Ameristar’s products with incomparable durability, or decide to go with other top-notch steel fence brands such as Betafence, Wheatland Tube, Hoover Fence, and others.

Regardless of your intentions from learning about these top brands — which might be discovering ornamental designs or achieving vigorous security — you’ll find a team that offers wonderful steel fencing solutions for your specific needs. 

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Fortress Building Products

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Poly Vinyl Creation

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ProLink Supply



Stephens Pipe and Steel

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Wheatland Tube

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Iron World

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Delite Fencing



Hoover Fence

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American Fence Company

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California Fence and Supply

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The 15 Best Steel Fence Brands

Huade is a well-recognized name in steel fence manufacturing. The company brags over three decades of experience since it was founded back in 1993. It’s deeply committed to protecting its customers and furnishes comprehensive packages. The dexterous team behind the company covers everything you need, including the intricacies of the design process and the beauties of the manufacturing journey. 

The steel fences that Huade offers are crafted from galvanized steel or aluminum tubes. They come with incredible features that make them immaculate for ornamental fencing. Backed by their mighty construction and full-bodied defensive capabilities, these fences are exceptionally resistant to corrosion and rust. This allows them to deliver a much longer lifespan. 

Other things that make Huade’s steel fences a top choice for myriad applications include their effortless installation, adaptable aesthetics, and low-maintenance configuration. These fences can be employed in residential, industrial, and many other zones with ease. 

2. Ameristar

Ameristar is headquartered in Oklahoma. It’s been leading the steel fence industry for over four decades with its unmatched features and options. The company’s Montage steel fence comes with unparalleled construction and top-notch durability. 

Steel fences from Ameristar are coated with E-Coat Surface Protection — including a duplex cathodic electrocoat system — to achieve maximum strength against corrosion and adverse weathering effects. Plus, the company’s Aegis fence series delivers customizable ornamental steel options with unquestionable potency and elegance. 

Ameristar’s steel fences come with an internally secured ForeRunner locking system to furnish sweetened security. Also, it allows them to eliminate the need for external fasteners.

3. Betafence

Betafence is another steel fence brand in the world, with 140 years of experience in delivering top perimeter solutions. The company’s steel fences come with outstanding strength and defense power compared to traditional chain link fencing. 

What makes customers interested in Betafence’s steel fences are their painless installation, seamless security integration, and anti-cut, anti-climb capabilities. The company guarantees the durability and endurance of its products with muscular security mesh panels, extruded aluminum Guardian Unions, and singular coating options. Also, the 10-year warranty of the products is just like the cream on the cake.

4. Fortress Building Products

Fortress Building Products is another giant in steel fence manufacturing with over 50 years of experience. It offers top options for residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. 

The company’s steel fences merge beauty and strength to deliver decisive, long-lasting, and aesthetically alluring barriers for homes and businesses. It’s deeply focused on efficiency to supply products with a long life cycle, low maintenance needs, and uncomplicated installation. 

Their Versai steel fence, as an example, offers a rackable design that helps it adapt to diverse landscapes. It offers boosted strength and security and is backed by a 20-year warranty for maximized peace of mind.

5. Master Halco

Master Halco is a well-known steel fence brand. It’s been leading as a distributor of perimeter security and fencing solutions since 1951 in North America. Its steel ornamental fencing comes with classic elegance with state-of-the-art technology to deliver strength, security, durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. 

Residential, commercial, industrial, and high-security properties benefit from a broad spectrum of styles and price ranges from Master Halco. The Highland Steel Ornamental fencing with classic styling and clear views, and the Remington series with fixed weld security and durability, are just two examples of Master Halco’s top-quality fences that meet various customers’ needs.

6. Merchants Metals

Merchants Metals is a recognized steel fence brand that provides services to professional fence contractors, architects, and building material retailers. The company’s steel fences present premium solutions for industrial, commercial, high-security, and residential applications.

Pre-galvanized steel components and welded construction are employed in Merchants Metals’ facilities to manufacture steel fences with dependable strength and immediate installation capabilities. These fences come with a durable polyester powder coat finish, a multitude of heights and styles, long-lasting attractiveness, maintenance-free functionality, and a 10-year warranty that complements the package.

7. Poly Vinyl Creation

Poly Vinyl Creations is the next steel fence brand on our list with a broad collection of fence products such as vinyl, molded, steel, aluminum, and welded wire fences. Its steel fences blend strength and beauty. They come with fusion welded panels for maximum security and a wrought iron aesthetic. 

The company’s steel fences feature a maintenance-free E-Coat for outstanding corrosion protection. They’re also backed by a 20-year warranty that’s too heartwarming to neglect. Plus, these fences define a new standard with reinforced “V” folds for extraordinary potency and solidity.

8. ProLink Supply

It was back in 2005 when ProLink Supply introduced itself as a top steel fence brand on the market. It presents a wide variety of fencing products for multiple needs. The company’s Royal and Fortress fence panels define elegance, power, and durability with powerful galvanized steel construction and weather-resistant powder coating. 

These panels are engineered for both residential and commercial applications as they present a graceful and captivating ornamental fence solution. The company’s products are affordable and come with easy-to-use fittings to deliver an experience with no sweat for chain link installers, farm supply stores, or landscapers in British Columbia’s fencing industry.

9. Stephens Pipe and Steel

Stephens Pipe and Steel is a family-owned steel fence brand that has been operating since 1947. It presents commercial and residential ornamental steel fences across the United States. The company’s steel fences are suitable for diverse applications such as pools, pets, backyards, businesses, government facilities, transportation areas, public places, and educational institutions. 

The deep concentration of Stephens Pipe and Steel has been continuously on delivering quality steel fences. Its products come at a competitive price as the company is devoted to building lasting relationships with its customers. 

10. Wheatland Tube

The next top steel fence brand on our list today is Wheatland Tube, which has been operating since 1931. The company offers a comprehensive package of steel fence framework products for commercial, industrial, and residential projects, including in-line galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and pre-galvanized options for maximum quality. 

Wheatland Tube’s ColorCoat option creates an additional level of protection and aesthetic charm to its steel fence frameworks. What’s more, the steel that the company employs to manufacture its fence frameworks contains recycled steel — the most recycled material in the world.

11. Iron World

Since 2006, Iron World has been delivering top-notch steel fence products with diverse specifications. Its Maverick Supreme Plus steel fence is widely used in commercial applications. It comes with iron-racked panels with a 14-gauge channel and 3/4-inch steel pickets. 

These panels offer the same power as that of welded products without rusting, which has been achieved with their aluminum strips and stainless steel fasteners. They come with pre-galvanized G60 steel, durable powder coat finishes, and options for slide gates and custom entry gates.

12. Delite Fencing

Delite Fencing is another powerful Chinese steel fence brand on our list. It specializes in crafting and exporting enduring and affordable wire fencing supplies for security perimeter purposes. The company’s products include welded wire mesh panels, chain link fence rolls, chicken wire rolls, temporary fence panels, gabion wire mesh, metal fence posts, and accessories. 

Galvanized steel wires are used in Delite’s highly customizable fences so they can deliver high security, durability, and uncomplicated installation. The company’s products go under rigorous tests so they can last as long as 20 years for security and decorative purposes with negligible maintenance. 

13. Hoover Fence

Hoover Fence has been a dependable steel fence brand for over 45 years. It presents sturdy materials and wonderful customer service. The company’s Centurion Residential Spartan and Titan fence panels — as examples of their products — come with decisive galvanized steel structures with stamped spear pickets or a flat-top rail design. 

These panels are equipped with a one-of-a-kind fastening system that enables a rackability of up to 40 inches, which enhances their security and curb appeal. They come with a multi-layer coating and a 10-year warranty that help them present an enduring defense against corrosion with minor maintenance demands.

14. American Fence Company

American Fence Company has been a trustworthy steel fence brand since 1948. It’s been providing services to countless homeowners, contractors, engineers, and architects across the United States. Its prefabricated ornamental fencing — known as American Ornamental — comes with exquisite designs that sweeten your property value. 

These steel fences are rust-resistant and deliver security and a gorgeous appearance for numerous years. The company’s team of fabricators and certified designers present limitless options for customized ornamental fences. Specifically, their exclusive 5-step process makes sure their products are created with the utmost attention to detail and are installed with incomparable accuracy. 

15. California Fence and Supply

Since 1976, California Fence and Supply has been presenting a wide spectrum of fencing options such as wrought iron and ornamental steel fences. These fences blend beauty, elegance, and security, which altogether make them immaculate options for homes, businesses, or public spaces. 

The company’s steel fences are crafted from tubular bars and come in diverse styles, including both traditional to contemporary designs. Although they may require a higher initial investment, these durable fences last for decades with insignificant maintenance.

How Much Does a Steel Fence Cost?

The cost of a steel fence can vary significantly from one case to another. However, it generally hinges on different factors such as:

  • The type of the steel
  • Fence height
  • Design complexity
  • Installation requirements
  • Location

Despite this dependency, the average cost of materials for a steel fence falls somewhere between $15 and $45 per linear foot. This includes the costs of steel panels/posts, hardware, and any additional features like gates or decorative elements. 

What significantly adds to the total expense is the installation costs. Labor costs might be roughly $30 to $80 per hour, on average. Factors such as site preparation, terrain complexity, and local labor rates can also affect this fee.

In general, the total costs of installing a steel fence in an average-sized yard can be between $3,000 and $10,000, or even more. Therefore, it’s crucial to talk to various contractors, think of your specific requirements, and calculate all additional expenses to accurately estimate your total costs.

Where to Buy a Steel Fence?

You can purchase steel fences from different sources such as home improvement stores like Huade, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards. These stores usually present a decent variety of steel fence panels, posts, and accessories if you want to install the fence on your own. 

Also, specialty fencing suppliers and distributors — such as Huade, Betafence, Master Halco, and other brands on our list — offer a broad spectrum of steel fencing materials. Some of these even offer professional installation services. 

Additionally, online retailers like Alibaba, Amazon and Wayfair also propose a variety of steel fence options. They provide you with a pleasant shopping and delivery experience. What’s more, you can pay a visit to your local fencing contractors and fabricators to see if they offer custom steel fence options.

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