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You may find diverse options in the fence manufacturing industry in 2024. From Huade in China to Betafence, Long Fence, Jerith, Red Brands, and many other fence manufacturers, customers have countless options to choose from. However, are these the right fence manufacturers that create products for diverse demands? 

In our post today, we’ve decided to put together a list of the best fence manufacturers in the world. Some of these brands produce aluminum ornamental fences, while others may be experts in creating wire products, agricultural fencing, custom solutions, varied installations, steel wire products, animal containment, outdoor structures, and many more. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of the best fence manufacturers in the world, starting from Huade in China.

Top Fence Manufacturer

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Long Fence


Jerith Manufacturing


Swan Fence


Red Brand


Jesco Industries




Superior Fence & Rail






Delite Wire Fencing




Eastern Wholesale Fence


Viking Fence and Deck


15 Best Trustworthy Fence Manufacturers in 2024

1. Huade

Huade was founded in 1993 as a forward-thinking Chinese manufacturer of protective fencing equipment. The company brags over 6,000 completed projects and a team of 60 trustworthy workers. 

Backed by three decades of priceless experience, Huade is a giant in manufacturing highly protective fencing products and is profoundly committed to customer/property security. It presents comprehensive packages in both design and manufacturing sections, with systems that support diverse needs such as businesses, residents, and government departments. 

Huade is located in Anping County, China, where it merges high-end pieces of equipment to guarantee efficient production, negligible waste, and a competitive lineup. Its products come in wide versatility and include:

Some crucial characteristics of Huade’s fences include automated production, continuous product superiority that meets regional standards, personalized solutions within 24 hours, competitive factory pricing, and customization options without additional fees. 

2. Betafence

With 140 years of experience, Betafence is known as a global leader in perimeter solutions, offering fencing systems recognized for their quality and reliability. From its origins as a barbed wire manufacturer in 1880 to its current status as a total perimeter security integrator, Betafence has maintained a long and successful history of innovation and excellence. 

Their solutions cover a range of security needs, including demarcation, dissuasion, delay, access control, and detection. Betafence also specializes in global project management for high-security projects, offering turn-key solutions for critical infrastructure and operations. 

Additionally, they provide woven and welded semi-finished products customized for diverse applications such as the poultry sector, insulation netting, filtration, glass reinforcement, and infrastructure solutions like gabions, trapions, mattresses, and sound walls. 

The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and comprehensive security solutions hardens its position as a top choice for perimeter protection worldwide.

3. Long Fence

Since its foundation in 1945, Long Fence has been a trustworthy player in the field of fencing equipment, access control systems, security measures, decks, and patios for both residential and commercial properties. The company comes with a deep devotion to quality and service, which has made it a dependable choice across the US, including in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington, and more. 

Long Fence presents a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship to guarantee customers’ happiness and peace of mind. Its team of highly proficient experts comes with hundreds of years of combined experience in residential, commercial, and governmental projects. 

During its roughly 75 years in business, Long Fence has achieved the priceless trust of the community through the uniform presentation of long-lasting products and dependable service. Its residential services concentrate on sweetening outdoor living spaces, and its commercial products contain perimeter security and access control solutions.

What’s more, Long Fence delivers services for municipal, state, and federal government agencies in the form of high-quality products and dedicated services for their perimeter security demands. The company’s prestige has been built on integrity and superiority, which makes it a foremost fencing option since its birth.

4. Jerith Manufacturing

Jerith Manufacturing is an exclusive provider of aluminum fences for both residential and commercial necessities with a broad spectrum of customizable products. If brags roughly 5 decades of experience which has enabled it to introduce itself as a forward-moving player in the industry where it presents diverse fences as per pool codes, coastal security standards, and the safety necessities of homes/businesses.

The company was launched in 1961 and proudly knows itself as the oldest and most extensive manufacturer of aluminum ornamental fences in North America. Its commitment to superiority is vividly observable in all areas of its operations, including its painstaking craftsmanship and its adherence to sourcing materials domestically. 

Jerith Manufacturing is sprawling in a 450,000-square-foot facility in Philadelphia. It produces all of its fences in-house to confirm quality control and consistency throughout the entire production procedure. The company’s product lines — including Liberty and Legacy — are widely recognized for their durability, attractiveness, and functionality. 

The company’s fences come with diverse characteristics such as hidden fasteners and a FenceCoat powder-coated finish, which empower Jerith to present everlasting protection and enrich the aesthetic captivation of any property. Jerith’s fences are all backed by a lifetime warranty that proves the company’s deep focus on customer delight and product distinction.

5. Swan Fence

Established in 1988, Swan Fence has evolved from its origins as a Los Angeles-based galvanized chain link producer to a leading manufacturer of innovative wire fence products. While initially specializing in weaving galvanized chain link fabric, Swan Fence has expanded its repertoire to include a diverse range of fencing solutions that meet the growing demands of its clientele.

Today, Swan Fence boasts a comprehensive lineup of fencing options, including fused bonded and extruded bonded PVC-coated chain link fences available in a multitude of colors and sizes. Also, the company presents weaving services for aluminized, stainless steel, and aluminum wires, in addition to mini mesh fences that are well-crafted for high-security environments such as prisons, government buildings, and military installations. 

Swan Fence’s anti-climb chain link fences are also recognized as a top option for high-security areas as they come with tightly woven wire mesh that effectively discourages climbers. This specialized fencing solution provides enhanced security and peace of mind, with its fine mesh construction rendering it resistant to cutting and tampering. For maximized security, options such as barbed wire or Razor Ribbon can be installed on the fence to strengthen the security even more. 

6. Red Brand

Red Brand has been a major manufacturer of agricultural fencing for over 130 years and a leading brand of farm fences in the US. The company’s superior products are designed to support farmers, ranchers, horse owners, and property managers across the country. 

The company’s broad collection of products includes: 

  • Field fences
  • Horse fences
  • Sheep and goat fences
  • Yard, garden, and kennel fences
  • Barbed wire
  • Electric fences
  • Smooth wire
  • Welded wire

Among all these products, Red Brands’ field fences exhibit its dedication to durability and dependability. They’re crafted from exceptional steel and are formed with utmost precision to deliver secure containment for cattle, hogs, and other large livestock. These fences are indeed a long-lasting fence option that can bear the severities of corralling herds and unfavorable weather conditions. 

7. Jesco Industries

Jesco Industries is a well-known leader in custom manufacturing solutions for commercial and residential barriers. It specializes in fencing for construction sites and furnishes an exhaustive spectrum of products for the myriad needs of countless users. 

The company proudly delivers custom solutions, including fences with panels, line and corner posts, doors, and partition systems. However, its dexterity goes beyond fencing and encircles custom fabrication and material handling equipment, such as self-dumping hoppers and wire mesh partitions that are engineered from the highest standards of quality/precision.

Jesco is deeply intent on strict quality assurance and phenomenal customer service. It’s dedicated to custom metal fabrication, which confirms the manufacturing of durable, long-lasting products with maximum value for money. 

The company presents a comprehensive collection of fabricated metal products that are designed for diverse businesses, including items such as condo lockers, industrial guardrails, steel containment panels, and wire backs on pallet racks.

8. Lowe's

Lowe’s is a well-known home improvement retailer and a top destination for homeowners who need high-quality fence installations across the US. It runs a broad network of over 1,700 locations in the country where it delivers unparalleled fencing options. 

The company lets homeowners schedule estimates online with ease, which simplifies efficient planning for their fencing projects. Its comprehensive choices enclose various fence material options, including: 

  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Chain link
  • Electric
  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Temporary

Lowe’s provides transparent pricing guides online so customers can manage their budget and pick the ideal fence types that match their property. Although Lowe’s doesn’t provide fence removal services, it offers a promising 1-year labor warranty in addition to accessible phone support. 

9. Superior Fence & Rail

Superior Fence & Rail is a forward-thinking fence manufacturer known for its high-quality products. It has facilities across 16 states with 31 locations where it presents licensing and insurance information, online scheduling, and email support to help customers conveniently manage fence installation projects. 

The company trains its employees to make sure their installers can provide unprecedented results. Customers are backed by a generous 3-year labor warranty so they can confirm the durability and dependability of Superior’s meticulous production. 

Although the metal fencing options of the company are rather limited, it provides myriad materials including vinyl, aluminum, chain link, wood, Trex, and temporary fencing solutions. In general, customers can expect transparent processes, professional installations, and a trustworthy warranty if they go with products from Superior Fence & Rail. 

10. ActiveYards

ActiveYards is recognized as a fence manufacturer that delivers unmatched flexibility and options to customers. It provides quality solutions even for the most specific demands, whether you tend to take on your fence project yourself or enlist the dexterity of one of the company’s licensed contractors. 

Those who are inclined to manage the installation process personally can benefit from ActiveYards’ DIY kits. Also, clients can enjoy professional installation managed by a licensed contractor from the company. ActiveYards guarantees flexibility with its delivery options as it allows customers to choose between home delivery or delivery to their contractor’s shop.

Although the company’s fencing options are confined to vinyl or aluminum, it guarantees quality with lifetime warranties on its products. Plus, licensed installers propose their own warranty terms and financing options to provide the utmost peace of mind for clients. 

Styles and availability may vary depending on the contractor, but ActiveYards furnishes trustworthy customer support via phone or email. Whether customers choose DIY or professional installation, the company remains dedicated to delivering convenience and quality, hardening its position as a preferred choice for fencing needs. 

11. Angi

Angi is the ultimate platform for homeowners who are looking for talented and licensed fence installers. It presents a wide network of contracting services to aggregate multiple quotes and contractors in one place, which simplifies the discovery of dexterous fence builders.

With Angi, homeowners can effortlessly schedule estimates online and access a broad set of fence material options, guarantees, and financing offerings from diverse installers. The company’s user-friendly website lets customers filter search results by project type and choose from local professionals with quick bids for their projects. 

What’s more, Angi is known as an invaluable resource center that provides comprehensive information organized by project type to empower homeowners with knowledge. Homeowners will be able to confidently supervise their fence installation projects after they benefit from Angi’s broad network and user-friendly interface to discover the best local specialists. 

12. Delite Wire Fencing

Delite Wire Fencing — an exclusive wire fence supplier in China — is devoted to manufacturing enduring steel wire fencing and accessories. The company has a deep focus on furnishing top-notch service as it prioritizes quality wholesale fencing products such as metal posts, galvanized fences, and wire mesh.

Delite specializes in welded and woven steel wire fencing and presents long-lasting and inexpensive wholesale products. The company endeavors to guarantee superior service and consistent delivery. It sources from reputable mills and clings to strict manufacturing practices. 

The mesh welders, chain link weavers, and hexagonal wire netting machines of Delite run as per the GMP standards to preserve heightened quality. The company is dedicated to the utmost quality as it benefits from superior raw materials, meticulous manufacturing, and thorough testing. 

13. Critterfence

Critterfence is widely recognized for its high-quality fences that effectively contain or exclude animals while they blend well with their surroundings. The company is committed to constructing dependable products for a variety of needs and scenarios. 

Those who need to safeguard their gardens with small opening size mesh, or those who tend to deter deer damage with tall engineered fences, can benefit from Critterfence’s diverse fence options. Also, the company’s dog fences are designed to house various canine personalities, guaranteeing safety and containment at the same time. 

What’s more, Critterfence employs innovative designs in its cat fences to prevent climbing and digging out. Plus, the company offers solutions for other animals such as raccoons, geese, coyotes, and farm animals. 

The comprehensive coverage of animal fence kits presented by Critterfence confirms that customers can find an option for any type of pet and wildlife containment requirements, including securing a backyard garden or protecting a farm. The company is indeed a top choice for those who seek trustworthy animal fencing solutions.

14. Eastern Wholesale Fence

Eastern Wholesale Fence was launched in 1971 as a trustworthy wholesaler and supplier of fences and related products to the fence trade. Since then, the company’s commitment has remained intact: to provide quality fence products at competitive prices with premium service. 

The company delivers a diverse span of products, including Illusions PVC fencing and railing available in various colors and finishes such as the innovative Grand Illusions Color Spectrum and Vinyl WoodBond line. It’s devoted to meeting or exceeding its customers’ specifications as it offers custom sizes, Mix-n-Match colors, PVC bending, and a comprehensive collection of fencing spec sheets and CAD files.

What’s more, Eastern Wholesale Fence produces custom white cedar and western red cedar sections, along with a full line of: 

  • Wood fences
  • Chain-link products
  • Aluminum/steel ornamental products
  • Welded mesh
  • Guide rail
  • Post and rail

Whether you need options for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Eastern Wholesale Fence can be a dependable source for fence and related products regardless of where you are in the world. 

15. Viking Fence and Deck

Viking Fence and Deck, founded in 1979, has grown from a one-man operation to a corporation with over 80 years of combined experience. The company specializes in: 

  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Arbors
  • Trellises
  • Railings
  • Benches
  • Retaining walls

Viking Fence focuses on customer satisfaction as it employs top building materials, fasteners, and hardware to confirm trouble-free performance for many years. 

The company’s decking options include composite wood and exotic hardwood that guarantee a lifetime of untroubled use. In the fence department, Viking Fence presents wood, vinyl, ornamental aluminum, and chain-link fences, with avid installers who can tackle any challenge.

The professional team of the company is knowledgeable in a complete collection of fence types and styles to ensure all projects are handled based on the client’s unique needs. Also, the company offers customized vinyl sign boards in various colors and styles to help you add your preferred sign easily. 

Why You Need to Choose a Trustworthy Fence Manufacturer

Landscape of houses with fences

Choosing a dependable fence manufacturer helps you confirm the longevity, durability, and quality of your fence installation. Here’s why you have to pick a reputable fence manufacturer:

Quality Materials

These fence manufacturers employ high-quality materials in their products. These materials are usually acquired from dedicated suppliers and go under strict quality control tests. This way, you can trust that your fence has been created from materials that will last under harsh weather conditions.

Superior Build

Such a fence manufacturer proudly employs dexterous craftsmen and teaches them to construct fences with the utmost quality. All steps of the manufacturing procedure — including precision welding and meticulous assembly — are implemented with maximum attention to detail to craft a structurally rugged fence.

Compliance with Standards

Reputable fence factories cling to industry regulations. This is why their products meet/exceed safety and quality requirements specified by those in charge. Such a manufacturer that complies with standards gives you peace of mind as you’ll be sure that your fence will be safe and compliant with local building codes.

Warranty and Support

Dependable fence manufacturers stand firmly behind their products as they offer comprehensive warranties and customer support. If in any case, there’s an issue with your fence, these companies assist you in resolving the problem in a flash. This warranty coverage is considered an extra layer of protection and assurance for any customer.

Customization Options

A well-known fence manufacturer offers a wide pack of customization options to handle your distinctive preferences. If you’re after a special design, custom dimensions, or specialized features, these companies can manage it. This flexibility helps you create a fence that certainly sweetens the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

Positive Reputation

Such manufacturers have a positive reputation within the industry and among customers. You can research reviews, testimonials, and ratings to evaluate the manufacturer’s reputation and track record. This gives you peace of mind as you’ll be working with a manufacturer that’s dependable with a good name on the market.

Where to Buy a Fence?

Customers can purchase fences from a wide variety of sources as per their desires. Specialized fence suppliers generally deliver various materials/styles and provide expert advice. Major home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Menards also store fencing materials and kits both offline and online.
What’s more, online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and Fence Supply Online present a broad set of fences for effortless shopping. Those who prefer customized or professionally installed fences can also work with local contractors or landscapers specializing in fence installation services as they offer detailed guidance and handle the entire installation process.
The critical thing in this regard is to assess your tendencies and demands before you choose where to purchase your fence. This helps you ensure that you’ll find an option that fits your project the most.

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