The 15 Best Fence Gate Suppliers in 2024

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Fence gates are critical components of property security. They enrich the privacy and also sweeten the aesthetics of your home and commercial areas. These first lines of defense maximize your house’s security and define its general design language. 

Since a wide variety of fence gate suppliers are available, it’s crucial to consider essential factors when choosing one. Quality craftsmanship, endurance, and customization options are among the integral elements when you’re making such a decision. 

That’s why in our guide today, we aim to familiarize you with the 15 best fence gate suppliers. We will talk about their fence gate options, reputation, and dependability. Read on to find out more. 

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The 15 Best Fence Gate Suppliers in 2024

1. Huade

Huade is a global fence gate supplier. It was established back in 1993 and is a leader in the protective fencing industry. The company is distinguished for its unprecedented expertise that spans over three decades. 

A deep commitment to protecting clients and their assets runs in the blood of Huade as it furnishes wonderful fencing products. It manufactures a collection of meticulously crafted fence gates that can merge both functionality and exquisite aesthetics. 

Huade’s fence gates are categorized into three types:

  • Single Swing Gate: This type is superior for pedestrian entry. It can precisely regulate access to the interior space of the fence. Single swing gates match diverse fence forms and at the same time, guarantee property security.
  • Double Swing Gate: This type of fence gate furnishes an opening angle of up to 180° to let both pedestrians and vehicles in. It’s a versatile choice with an adaptable design and maximum compatibility with manual or automated systems.
  • Sliding Gate: This type of fence gate is designed for dual-entry purposes. It moves smoothly, hence a perfect choice for confined spaces. Both pedestrians and vehicles can enter these fence gates as it’s highly functional and adaptive. 

2. Betafence

Betafence has been guaranteeing the safety of people and their assets with its perimeter solutions for over 140 years. It presents high-quality fence gates that can match diverse fences. Both professionals and consumers can benefit from Betafence’s swing gates with versatile infill options, including panels, railings, welded mesh, and privacy models. 

The company’s Egidia swing gates are recognized for their wide opening and hassle-free installation. Also, its Robusta-Nylofor swing gates come with rigorous construction and top-quality coating. Additionally, Robusta SC and SR sliding gate models deliver accurate access control, heightened security, and maximized dependability. 

3. Ameristar

Known as an international producer of ornamental fences and gates, Ameristar presents diverse perimeter security solutions such as anti-ram barriers and high-security enclosures. It innovatively crafts its products with a deep concentration on customers’ demands and industry standards. 

One of the company’s mighty gate products is its Exodus Egress Gate system, which is recognized for elevated efficiency and security. Its Passport roll gate system, on the other hand, comes with exquisite design and silky operation. 

What’s more, Ameristar’s Estate Entry gates—available in steel and aluminum—take aesthetics to new heights and offer unquestionable durability. Plus, the company’s TransPort Traverse gate defines the concept of cantilever designs anew. 

4. Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing delivers premium fence gate supplies. Its products comprise a broad spectrum of timber and metal gates crafted with precision from potent materials to guarantee their operation for 25 years. 

The company treats over 15 handmade timber gates with its one-of-a-kind Jakcure process. Its solid, slatted, or woven gate designs handle your needs no matter what they are. The gates come with diagonal and horizontal braces so they can withstand heavy wear and last for decades. 

5. Fortress Fence Products

Fortress Fence Products has been an international leader in the fence gate industry for 50 years. Its gates can match a wide variety of fence styles and come with fully welded construction for the utmost durability. 

The company’s ProSeries hardware guarantees self-closing and latching features for elevated security, particularly in pool areas. It presents graceful arched gates, custom specialty gates for high-security properties, and many more. 

Fortress Fence’s gates are delivered in myriad premium finishes and customizable features—including ornate designs and optional dog panels—to stay resistant to diverse elements all the while offering maximum security. 

6. Master Halco

Master Halco is a top fence gate supplier that delivers multiple systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. 70 years of expertise exist behind the trust the company has earned among its thousands of professionals and retailers. 

Diversified products of the company include access controls, vinyl, wood, ornamental, and chain link fences and gates. It covers all gate manufacturing steps from custom engineering to fabrication. Take a look at its automation and access control options—including gate operators and camera systems—to see Master Halco’s expertise for yourself. 

7. Viking Fence

Viking Fence is a top-notch fence gate supplier with remarkable product features and quality. It comes with an on-site lumber mill to produce multiple grades of lumber and a fabrication facility for residential and commercial gates. Its on-site custom iron facility is armed with CNC bending and forging capabilities.

The company presents swing gate operators with commercial-grade quality that are recognized for their high traffic control and endurance. Also, its fast slide gate operators set new standards for long-term performance and quality. 

8. Long Fence

Since 1945, Long Fence has been offering a plethora of commercial and residential fencing solutions. Various customers have used the company’s products, including government agencies and residential homeowners.

Long Fence specializes in manufacturing diverse gate solutions as per contemporary security challenges. Its anti-crash gates confirm vehicular security, while its barrier arm gates are designed to regulate access. Also, the company’s cantilever slide gates offer space-saving benefits, and its custom swing gates come with access control features and aesthetic charm. 

9. Merchants Metals

Merchants Metals is widely considered an upscale supplier of fence gates with over 80 years of experience. It offers cutting-edge perimeter security for industrial, commercial, and residential applications as per the most modern security demands.

The company’s Secure-Trac cantilever slide gates are meticulously engineered to offer the utmost resilience and safety. These gates come with a fully welded construction, enclosed roller systems, and premium materials to confirm maximum potency. 

What’s more, Merchant Metals’ Tuf-Guard security gates are structured with heavy-duty galvanized steel frames that enable them to propose extraordinary security for houses, campuses, and more. The company offers panic bar exiting devices and durable finishes in addition to other versatile features in its products to heighten security maintenance.

10. Tymetal

For over 35 years, Tymetal has ruled the fencing industry with its gates and gate operators. The company was launched in 1985. Today, it presents automatic gate systems with sturdy aluminum extrusions and sealed steel bearings that can function properly, even in harsh weather.

The Pedestrian Portal and Fortress Heavy-Duty Aluminum swing gates are just two examples that prove Tymetal’s deep commitment to unquestionable security. What’s more, the company presents the Fortress Box Frame roller gate and Vertical Lift gate that define new standards for large gate design, in addition to free CAD drawing services that guarantee precise perimeter security.

11. Country Estate Fence

Country Estate Fence is the next fence gate supplier on our list today. It presents vinyl and ornamental aluminum fences. The company is deeply focused on supporting the fencing needs of customers in Louisiana and the Southern region of the United States, offering a comprehensive package of vinyl fencing, handrail, and Antebellum fence products in particular. 

Over 75 years of expertise lie behind Country Estate Fence’s vinyl gates and other products. These gates are pre-fabricated so you can install them with ease. Also, they’re offered in diverse styles, colors, and wood grain options. 

Besides, the company’s aluminum gates—manufactured by Antebellum—can sweeten any property’s aesthetics and security. They come in multiple styles to match your openings, including single-swing, double-swing, cantilever, and V-track.

12. Elite Fence

Elite Fence was launched back in 1986 as a top manufacturer of ornamental fences. Since then, it’s succeeded in delivering excellent products and extraordinary customer service, which are complemented by its limited lifetime warranty. 

The company’s fully fabricated gates are crafted in-house with 6005-T5 extrusions to confirm maximum strength. Its ZipTrack aluminum cantilever slide gate is crafted with rigorous specifications that guarantee its durability and performance. 

What’s more, Elite Fence’s ornamental picket-type gates come with stainless steel screws and precise assembly for the highest aesthetic appeal and safety. The company’s gates operate smoothly due to their meticulously created truck assemblies and lower guides.

13. Stephens Pipe and Steel

Stephens Pipe and Steel is another top American fence distributor and manufacturer that’s been competing in the market since 1974. It’s operated by over 1,300 employees across 16 strategically located sites, providing services to over 5,000 customers around the country. 

The company specializes in steel and aluminum gates. It presents various products that suit your project, including its swing, cantilever, rolling, estate, and other types of gates. All gates offered by the company come with perfect fit and enduring dependability. 

14. Cedar Rustic Fence

Since 1927, Cedar Rustic Fence has been facilitating the customization of fence gates. The company spans over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This has enabled it to offer more than 3,000 designs according to the needs of the customers.

The company’s swing gates come with elegant design and high quality, hence great options for securing walkways. They are crafted in various materials perfect for a drive entrance. Also, the company helps you choose proper hardware like latches and automatic openers.

What’s more, its cantilever gates are the best choice for small places. They are created to slide open and do not restrict your driveway. Their styles range from aluminum to vinyl and more.

15. D&D Technologies

If you’re still looking for the best fence gate supplies, it’s good to know that D&D Technologies makes high-quality latches, hinges, and locks. It was established in the late 1980s and offers top-notch gate hardware around the world.

One of the fence gates the company offers is its MagnaLatch series. It’s a magnetic child safety gate that offers security solutions. The product won several awards for its revolutionary designs and the durability it provides.

TruClose is the company’s other product, which is a self-closing gate hinge made by professional engineers. It’s well-known for its strength and ease of adjustment, which make it an immaculate choice for maximized child safety. 

Where to Buy Fence Gates?

There are several places to visit when you want to purchase fence gates. Firstly, you can visit local hardware stores for fence gate supplies. Not only do they have different fence gate options, but also their staff can help you choose the best one.

Furthermore, a variety of fence gate supplies are offered by fencing companies. They can thoroughly provide you with various styles. Also, some of them even offer installation services.

Moreover, you can find online merchant services if you are an online customer. This offers you a wide range of choices. Plus, you can read the reviews to see if the gates are high quality.

Last but not least, purchasing fence gates from house improvement stores is also an option. They have exclusive sections to choose from.

All in all, the best thing to do when buying a gate is to think about factors such as style, size, and material. This helps you find the best choice for your property.

How Much Does a Fence Gate Cost?

Several aspects might influence the prices of a fence gate. First, it is the material. Judging by their durability and elegance, iron and aluminum gates are more expensive than simple ones because gorgeous and well-made gates are more appreciated.

Also, the larger and more complex the gates, the higher their price. Plus, if you order a custom-made gate, you ought to pay more compared to a pre-made one. 

Installation is important as well. Many people install their gates themselves to pay less money. Professionals, on the other hand, guarantee that your gates are properly installed. However, you might need to pay additional fees for it.

Generally, elaborate gates might cost upwards of $1,000 or more, though basic ones usually cost from $100 to $800. Before purchasing, it’s necessary to see different options and consider prices and your budget to understand which one suits your needs better.

Final Words

Now you know many of the best fence gate suppliers in the world. The decision-making process on which brand to buy from is now a breeze. Whichever fence gate supplier you choose, you’ll surely end up purchasing quality fence gates that can simply match your appetite and fence design. 

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